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Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System is Essential for Well-being

Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.

- Rachel Carson (1907−1964), author and conservationist

Seeing the connections between nature and our own human procreation is critical for our well-being. Procreation is the potential for reproduction that resides in each of us, whether it results in a child or not. Our procreation is part of our design, as beautiful and persistent design exists in everything in nature. Therefore, if we work against the design, sickness and death is inevitable. For example, a misunderstanding about the complexity of pain in human beings versus pain in animals, coupled with the desire to generate vast profits from mass production of medicines, has led to the opioid crisis. This modern phenomenon began in the mid-1990s with the invention and approval of OxyContin in the U.S., which was prescribed without any hesitation, and has led to the first wave of addictions and deaths from legal opioids.[1] Nearly thirty years later, the opioid crisis continues and millions of people are still becoming ill and dying as a result.[2] Yet, if we respect the natural design, we can enjoy health and healing. In particular, the Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System works with the design of the women’s cycles. This cooperative approach has contributed to many significant advances in the health of women and mothers.

CrMS is a response to the sexual revolution which was spurred by the increasing knowledge of the procreative design and has sought to undermine or short-circuit fertility. Rather than respect fertility as a gift, the sexual revolution came to lead in attempts to sever individuals from their procreative potential (sterilization) or suppress it with a daily regime of man-made hormones (birth control pill), to name just a couple of techniques or inventions that treat fertility as a disease.

Rather than negating fertility, the FertilityCare™ System seeks to affirm the procreative side of life and promote the female cycle as a vital sign. With training and attention given to observations that can be made in seconds throughout their day, women can use their cycles to observe their unique hormonal activity patterns. As hormones are key to fertility and overall health, their understanding allows women to appreciate the underlying causes of hormone-related illnesses. In addition, as daily charting helps couples identify days of fertility and infertility, they canplantheir family without any side effects. Beyond basic fertility,

Creighton Model is so sensitive that it picks up the effects of short-term and chronic stress on the woman’s cycle.

As Rachel Carson, the author, marine biologist, and pioneering conservationist, aptly stated in her groundbreaking book Silent Spring (1962), “In nature nothing exists alone.”This important truth motivated me to practice and teach the FertilityCare™ System. The CrMS does not isolate me, but rather allows me to stay in tune with the design that is in me. It has helped me overcome fertility and health challenges my mother could not, such as miscarriage, bipolar disorder, endometriosis, and a rare disease. The practice of CrMS has even allowed me to overcome cancer risk through early detection. Having the ability to read my own cycle with a team of like-minded physicians has restored my health to such an extent that I have averted the social challenges that lack of health can bring, such as poverty and permanent disability that can rob a woman of fulfilling her calling and her dreams. CrMS has preserved for me the vital connections essential for well-being.


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