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Soozi Scheller


My name is Suzanne (Soozi) Scheller. In 1994, I discovered the Creighton Model FertilityCare System (CrMS) when I acutely needed it. I had debilitating postpartum complications after the birth of my first child. Doctors from diverse disciplines advised me to avoid a pregnancy in order to heal, and to reassess my risk after five years. We chose the CrMS, as this standardized method could help me arealiably avoid and later achieve a pregnancy. CrMS was a perfect fit for my love of nature and science. I had studied conservation at UC Berkeley (1984−89) and felt relieved when my CrMS practitioner, Shawn Bender, taught me to read my own cycle as a vital sign.


I was, thus, delighted to accept an invitation to take CrMS practitioner training. I received some of the best education I have experienced at the St. Paul VI Institute in Omaha in 1997−98. Equipped with this knowledge, I was able to better help myself and others navigate challenging fertility-related situations in the following decades.​ Through this experience, I came to realize more fully the power of early detection and possible treatment of hormone dysfunction through the woman-specific biofeedback that CrMS provides.


In 2019, I decided to pursue a graduate degree in ethics/biotechnology at the John Paul II Institute in DC, focusing on the relationship between hormone and mitochondrial dysfunctions. In 2020, I founded Scheller, LLC. In order to continue offering CrMS services to support people with healthy fertility, as well as those who struggle with conception or high risk factors, the CrMS branch has become, the Vital Sign FertilityCare™ Center. A special concern of mine is for women who suffer from rare medical conditions that may threaten their well-being and that of any unborn child. I have been re-certified as a CrMS practitioner in 2023. I welcome questions about the effectiveness of the CrMS and what the biomarkers can reveal. I aim to help families use woman-specific biofeedback to make informed decisions. I also aim to help women in various circumstanes, including women in prison, have access to CrMS and NPT, and women of all ages to detect and heal the effects of modern stressors .

Why this logo?


Hopefully, the Vital Sign FertilityCare™ Center logo evokes each viewer to contemplate it in unique ways but some symbolic description follows: 


  • The iconic maple stands for strength, perseverance, and protection, attributes of our human resilience

  • The samara, the fruit of the maple a.k.a. "helicopter" represents the next generation, alongside the adult tree that produces the leaf

  • The gold veins in the maple leaf stand for generosity, abundance, compassion, and victory

  • The white leaf stands for the power of the integration of sexuality, the inner unity of the person both in bodily and spiritual being.

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