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 Scheller LLC - Fertility Awareness
Imagine a world informed by the female cycle as a vital sign . . .

. . . for better outcomes in women’s lives.

What We Do

At Vital Sign FertilityCare Center (FCC), we employ the Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System to inform and teach women and couples: 

  • To appreciate the female cycle as a vital sign and fertility as a gift

  • To identify the days of fertility and infertility in the female cycle

  • To promote women’s health through the woman-specific biofeedback that the CrMS standardized notations reveal 

  • To recognize vital cycle biomarkers indicating the health of the woman’s cycle. These biomarkers can reveal imbalances & guide timely, relevant evalution of risk factors & need for medical intervention, particularly through NaProTECHNOLOGY®, for earlier diagnoses, woman-spefici treatments and better outcomes.

  • See bulleted list of advantages below

Homegrown grapes in Ukraine, summer 2022, courtesy of Makar Sheiko, MD, research colleague 

With the founding of the Creighton Model FertilityCare™ system in the mid-1970s,  it became apparent that it was the answer to the question, "Can the days of fertility and infertility be reliably determined based on a standardized system for women's observations?" The answer is yes and more!

For More Details

Please see the websites listed and the blog articles on this site:

For more background on the Creighton Model FertilityCare System (CrMS), use the web address above to reach the official site.

Please see:

for more information about NaProTechnology (NPT), the sister science of CrMS, a medical practice based on precise woman-specific biofeedback (Hilgers, 2004). Use the web address above to reach the official site. The NPT approach holds both a way to evaluate women for underlying causes of their symptoms and meaningful normal values for healthy women for comparisons.


NPT is a woman’s health science that evaluates, diagnoses, and treats health issues for each reproductive-age category of women in ways that  cooperate with the female cycle and read it as a vital sign. CrMS and NPT fill a niche for accurate data that researchers and clinicians need in order to provide better healing options amidst the biological complexities of the female patient’s life in the modern world.

Please see:

For more information about endocrine connections and woman-specific biofeedback in the context of rare disease please see the webpage above. As well as:

( site will go online in March 2024)

The above, MitoHope for Maternal Health is the research and patient advocacy site for the Bioethics Center for the Practices of Maternal, Family, and Mitochondrial Health. The mission is to bring awareness to the benefits of the fertility appreciation approach in the context of mitochondrial and rare diseases in order to lower childbearing risks and improve outcomes for women's and family health.

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Advantages of CrMS

Untitled design (94).png

Medically Safe

Untitled design (94).png

Shared System

Untitled design (94).png

Strong Scientific Research Foundation

Untitled design (94).png

Natural and Cooperative

Untitled design (94).png

Proven Reliable

Untitled design (94).png

Comparatively Inexpensive

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Untitled design (94).png

Positive outcomes after failed IVF, higher rate of full term, singleton pregnancies without in vitro procedures.

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Respects the Dignity of Women & Integrity of Marriage 


1. Contact us ( to set up a time for a 15−30
     minute conversation at no cost to you,

2. Attend a CrMS Introductory Session that provides details about what Creighton Model and NaProTECHNOLOGY are and how they may benefit you and inform your decision-making process.

3. After a CrMS Introductory Session, attend follow-up sessions for support and personalized interpretation of your menstrual cycle by an experienced CrMS practitioner who will help you identify the fertile and infertile days, as well as assess the overall health of the cycle.

With this information, women become more attuned to the unique voice of their cycle, and contribute more to their own healthcare evaluation with confidence.


Testimony#1 from a single woman in perimenopause 

“Soozi recently started teaching me the Creighton model. I’m 48 and it can be hard to learn a new habit, but Soozi’s expertise combined with her innate compassion and gentleness make everything seem simple. She has a gift for explaining sensitive topics in a loving way that is easy to receive and learn!”


Profile Dr. Marguerite Duane, MD, MHA, FAAFP
Family Physician & Medical Professor,
collaborates with Soozi
on cases for NaProTECHNOLOGY

Dr. Duane's testimony #2: Through her personal and professional experience, Soozi is committed to educating her peers about the important role charting the female cycle can play in monitoring and managing rare diseases related to hormonal health.

Dr. Marguerite Duane, a board certified family physician, is co-founder and Executive Director of FACTS – the Fertility Appreciation Collaborative to Teach the Science, an organization dedicated to educating healthcare professionals and students about scientifically valid natural or fertility awareness based methods (FABMs).

Testimony #3 from a single woman managing long cycles 

Her availability and flexibility allowed me to find time in my erratic schedule to prioritize my fertility health.  Even though female fertility and its issues can seem confusing or burdensome, working with Soozi has helped me to appreciate my fertility and myself as a gift!

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No one is turned away for lack of funds.

The costs of learning Creighton Model may be covered by insurance, through Health Savings Account plans (HSA), or paid out-of-pocket depending on your circumstances. Some financial assistance is available. 


Initial 15−30 minute consultations are free and costs can be determined based on insurance coverage and other information.

Costs can be determined at time of consultation.

Membership options are available and include the costs of the:

  • Introductory Session 

  • Materials ($25-45)

  • Follow-Up Sessions

Blog Posts

Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System is Essential for Well-being

In particular, the Creighton
Model FertilityCare™ System works with the design of the women’s cycles. This cooperative approach has contributed to many significant advances 


The Practitioner’s Role

CrMS practitioners provide services to couples or single women on an individual basis because, while thepatterns of fertility can be generalized, the clients’ situations are unique, and instruction needs to be personalized.


CrMS in the Perimenopausal Years

Prior to menopause, whether they are married or single, women can have a great need for the woman-specific biofeedback the Creighton Model FertilityCare™ (CrMS) can offer them as they undergo the transition.


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