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CrMS Fertility Care

CrMS FertilityCare™ System

An authentic language of each woman’s health and fertility is recorded on her Creighton Model chart, allowing the client to observe the rise and fall of cervical mucus and bleeding signs. As she makes the Creighton Model standardized notations on the chart for each day in the cycle, she will be able to identify the fertile and infertile parts of each cycle with precision. She also benefits from access to professional care provided by a CrMS practitioner or CrMS medical consultant, which includes teaching the client about the biomarkers in the cycle for personal interpretation of hormone activities and cycle health.


The CrMS has dual benefits, as clients can use this knowledge to plan their family or, if needed, to seek professional support through NaProTECHNOLOGY® (NPT) to address their health concerns which may include:


Unusual bleeding

Thyroid care or other hormone evaluation and care

Irregular cycles​


Maintaining pregnancy


Ovarian cysts

Effects of stress

Polycystic ovarian syndrome

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